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A brief description of the harmonica and its classification
Aug 21, 2017

A multiple-reed instrument that makes a metal reed vibrate, and a musical instrument that belongs to a free spring in an instrument category. Because the sound source is the length of 1.5~3.5cm Reed instead of the air column (such as flute), it is mainly divided into solo harmonica and ensemble harmonica, each with different kinds. Its range varies slightly depending on type and tone. The ability to play the harmonica together is limited by the inability to adjust the relative position of the reed on the same harmonica.

By use, the harmonica can be divided into two categories: Solo harmonica and ensemble harmonica. The former mainly includes the blues harmonica, the chromatic harmonica and the polyphonic harmonica (including the stress, the echo harmonica) and so on, the latter has the bass harmonica, the chord harmonica, the brass horn harmonica and so on.

By pronunciation, and can be divided into single reed pronunciation and multiple reed pronunciation two kinds. The chromatic scale, the blues harmonica and so on belong to the single reed pronunciation, but the polyphonic class, the chord, the bass harmonica belongs to the latter.

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