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32-key melodica playing method
Apr 12, 2018

Generally speaking, when playing a 32-key melodica, it is necessary to control the strength of the finger keys. In fact, in the process of playing, the strength of the 32-key melodica is mainly the size of the mouth-exhaled airflow. Therefore, the strength of the finger keys does not have to be excessive.


Many of my friends are very fond of this kind of instrument. Next we will briefly introduce the playing methods commonly used on the 32-key melodica. I hope to provide some references. First of all, in the process of playing, we will use the technique of spitting. In fact, aria is the characteristic of all wind instruments, and each player must master this basic method. Single voicing refers to the use of the tip of the tongue in the upper part of the tooth root, "spit" sound. This method is the most commonly used.


If the rhythm of the beat is relatively fast, then when playing a 32-key melodica, it is necessary to use double spit. The double-splashing playing method is that after completing a single spit, a tongue is used to issue a “bank” sound, and “spitting” and “library” are continuously used, and the spewing vomiting library is quickly issued, which is double spit. Some quick eight or sixteen or eight after eight rhythms require three spits. The three spits are used in combination with one spit and one spit.


In the course of practice, we also need to master the flower tongue and tremor. In other words, when playing the 32-key melodica, the tip of the tongue is loosely affixed to the upper jaw, and then the exhaled air flow is used to flush out the tip of the tongue so that the tip of the tongue and the upper jaw are in a state of time. Shaking trembling sounds are similar to the "wheel fingers" of a plucked instrument and the "shaking bow" of a stringed instrument.


In addition, when we play the 32-key accordion, we should also maintain the correct breathing method. The tongue should be naturally relaxed, the tongue should have a certain tension, the tongue should be fine and the strength and spacing should be uniform. In fact, the 32-key mouth organ can rely on the diaphragm and the abdominal muscles to vibrate slightly when it is being played, so that the sound produced will have a slight undulating effect.

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