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32 key melodica advantages and application
Mar 21, 2018

The 32 key melodica will have a wider range in the process of playing. The 32-key tone organ is more suitable for younger learners to use. The 32-key tone organ has a small size, good pitch, and good melody keyboard type. Playing musical instruments.


The 32 key melodica will have a good harmony ability to a certain extent. The whole product has a wide range of sounds and is widely used in all kinds of music. The tone piano maintains the characteristics of a keyboard instrument and draws on the characteristics of a wind instrument. Therefore, it is a kind of keyboard instrument that can be played, and the tone organ is relatively simple to use and is suitable for students to accept.

 32 key melodica.JPG

The 32 key melodica will be effectively introduced into the classroom. In order to enrich the contents of its music teaching, it will effectively adjust the atmosphere of the classroom to a certain extent, expand the student’s music perspective, increase students’ interest in learning music, and promote the development of students’ overall musical quality. It also plays an important role in stimulating students' aesthetic ability and ability to create beauty.


The main characteristic of the 32-key mouth organ is that it is easy to blow, it is easy to learn and there is a keyboard, it can play any tune, easy to ensemble, tone piano, very helpful for learning music knowledge. In general, the price of the entry-level accordion is higher than that of the entry-level harmonica and the entry-level clarinet. Therefore, it has not yet been widely used, but it can still be popularized in the regions and schools where conditions permit. It is staffed one, if the conditions are not enough, only one class can be purchased, and each student buys a blow pipe, so that several class students can share the tone piano.

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