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27 key melodica’s applicable people and its maintenance
Sep 09, 2017

Melodica is a very common pleasure, it combines keyboard and play effectively, especially the 27 key melodica is a good helper for children's music initiation education. Compared with other instruments, the organ is not only inexpensive, but also lays the foundation for learning other instruments, so it is popular with children.

Although there are many kinds of organ, but because the 27 key melodica is relatively simple, it is easier to learn. Therefore, the choice of 27 key melodica as a universal instrument for students is no longer suitable. In the light of the special performance of the 27 key melodica, we must pay attention to the maintenance.

First of all, don't share the 27 key melodica, because most of the 27 key melodica users are children who have just begun touching the melodica, they lack self-control, not just blowing, but also playing regularly, this will cause the other children's saliva and germs to suck into the user's mouth and cause cross infection of the disease.

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Therefore, it is recommended that you have a 27 key melodica, do not borrow each other, and then clean the body and blowpipe in time, and throw out the saliva in the body. If you don't clean your melodica in time, it will take a lot of saliva, which will not only corrode the parts in the piano, but also multiply a lot of bacteria.

With the increasing popularity of the melodica teaching, the quality of the 27 key melodica has been paid more attention. It is suggested that the 27 key melodica be made of high quality material, otherwise, there are not only poor tone, air leak, running sound, but also a hidden danger to the child's health.

When we buy the 27 key melodica, we should smell the smell, check whether it is made of green material, and check the quality of the precise core parts, such as reeds, which greatly affect the tone of the 27 key melodica.

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