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24-hole tremolo harmonica and sound performance skills
Aug 01, 2018

Compared with the ten-hole harmonica, the polyphonic harmonica has more holes and a wider range of sounds, often with 21 holes and 24 holes. Currently common in the domestic market is the 24-hole polyphonic harmonica, and the harmonic refers to the harmonica playing chords or two-tone. The 24-hole polyphonic harmonica can pronounce several holes at the same time, both insuffling and inhaling.


First let's take a look at the performance of the 24-hole tremolo harmonica chords. We know that with the porous method, the tongue is released, several holes are pronounced at the same time, the air can be "1 3 5", and the inhalation can get "2 4 6 7". In traditional harmonica performances, especially polyphonic harmonica, there is a method called "accompaniment", which uses a hole-containing method, and the tongue is lifted up and immediately placed back in place to produce a short chord.


In music performance, harmony is a very important performance factor. The performance of the 24-hole tremolo harmonica should give full play to its own advantages. In addition to working hard on the melody performance, it is necessary to carefully analyze each chord of the melody, which also provides a large space for the performance of our playing skills.

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