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24-hole blues harmonica precautions and operating requirements
Mar 07, 2018

24-hole blues harmonica in the process of blowing need to be slightly raised his mouth, similar to the concept of "" in general, the mouth cavity to be like an egg-like arch, at least not flat without chamber, 24-hole blues harmonica Mouth size can contain about one hole.

24-hole blues harmonica in the operation need to be included in the lips of the piano and the tip of the tongue retraction Do not touch the piano grid, with the content, please try to freely blowing or suction any scale.

10 hole diatonic harmonica    .jpg

24-hole blues harmonica precautions

1. 24-hole blues harmonica to a certain extent, will contain the most natural way to a hole, when operating absolutely not to include only one grid.

2. In order to make the sound always consistent, strongly urged mouth type either blowing or sucking, or move the audition must absolutely remain unchanged,

3. Please boldly move the harmonica trial! However, please move by hand first, not to mouth to the piano.

4. If there is a noise in the audition (in other words, there is no bleep), try to adjust the position from left to right. Even the size of your mouth until it can be a very clear single tone, do not change the mouth type.

The biggest advantage of a 24-hole blues harmonica is that the sound is easy to change depending on the type of mouth, lip, tongue and mouth. Our current requirement for beginners is to avoid shortcomings.

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