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10hole harmonica performance features and main components
Sep 12, 2017

The 10hole harmonica is called the diatonic harmonica in the West. This product is very popular in Europe and America, and has the largest group of harmonica lovers, in the course of playing, the 10hole harmonica has a very sound ability and a little melancholy in its grace, and the unique press tone technique makes the 10hole harmonica distinctive.

10hole harmonica is not only very suitable for country, folk, jazz, rock and blues style, but also the most commonly used harmonica in animation, film and television entertainment, popular music soundtrack. Some people can play the guitar while playing the 10hole harmonica, which is the band's first choice.

The overall length of the 10hole harmonica is usually around 10cm, and there are also individual models that are slightly larger or smaller. The common ones are approximately rectangular, and there are also individual models for ship type, the structure of 10hole harmonica is a comb, two reed plate, two cover plate.


The 10hole harmonica can be effectively divided into the splint type and the embedded type according to the position relation between the comb and the plate. The commonly used materials for processing the comb are: resin, wood, metal, bamboo, acrylic, and other synthetic materials, resin is the most common material in the construction of harmonica comb, it is light, waterproof and easy to maintain.

The 10hole harmonica comb is less metallic than the resin and wood, generally, the metal harmonica is more expensive (not absolute), and heavier than any other harmonica. The metal comb usually uses aluminum, and a small number of manufacturers use copper, in addition, some DIYers have made a case of titanium metal.

The reed is the heart of 10hole harmonica, it is the vocal part of the harmonica, the reed materials are brass, copper, silver and copper alloy. Some of special Seydel harmonica are made of stainless steel reeds, such as 1847 and big six, etc.

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