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10 holes harmonica entry knowledge
Jun 30, 2018

The 10-hole harmonica has two reeds in each hole, two sounds: inhale is a sound, and blow is a sound. Through these holes we can blow out blues, rock and jazz style music.

The chords of the ten-hole harmonica are briefly introduced. It is divided into 12 different chords. These major chords are adjusted from A to G. They also include their ascending (#) or descending (b). Everyone should not be afraid to see the chords. The difference between the ten holes of the various harmonica is very small, only the level of the sound is different, so that is to say, as long as you learn a harmonica of a certain tune, then you will blow all the tune.

Different harmonica and different musical instruments. A, G, and D are suitable for playing guitar; F and G are suitable for playing the keyboard; Bb, F and Eb are suitable for playing or blowing solo; D#, B, F#, C#, and G# are used. Among other accessories, the 10-hole harmonica is the most popular harmonica abroad, also known as the blues harmonica.

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