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10-hole harmonica playing skills and playing characteristics
Mar 20, 2018

The 10-hole harmonica is usually about 10 centimeters in length. When it is produced, individual models are slightly larger or smaller. When used, the timbre of the 10-hole harmonica is quite imitative. Unique sound pressure techniques make the 10-hole harmonica distinctive, so it is suitable for blues, rock, country, folk, jazz and other styles.

10-hole harmonica playing skills

1. Maturation: The tongue protrudes and blocks gas, such as triplet.

2. Portamento: In music, no direct jumps are made between two sounds. Instead, two consecutive pitches of the two tones are used as connections.

3. Tremolo: By changing the resonance space of the hands, one by one to achieve.

4. Hand wah tone: On the basis of hand tremolo, press the sound and restore the natural sound at the instant of opening both hands.

5. Depression: bend means bending, and detonation changes the air flow through the reed by changing the internal structure of the mouth.

6. Tremolo: A quick transition between two holes.

7. Tongue blocking: The tongue blocks the hole and moves away at the instant of blowing or suction to achieve a specific accompaniment sound.

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