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10 hole diatonic harmonica 's correct posture and the actual pitch
Mar 01, 2018

If its poor posture during the playing 10 hole diatonic harmonica process, it will directly affect the smooth playing, it does not look too elegant.

10 hole full music harmonica correct posture

1. When sitting play 10 hole diatonic harmonica , the head should be positive, waist should be straight.

2. feet naturally open shoulder width (more suitable for boys), the girls suggest that feet closer together better.

3. Remember not to lean back, indecency thing, if the impact of respiratory organs.

4 elbows naturally drooping, slightly attached to the body, not flat sheets.

10 hole diatonic harmonica 's notation and the actual pitch

Remind you of a very important concept, we generally see the harmonica music scores, most of the use of simple notation, if you use the staff notation, the actual pitch on the score and the harmonica pitch difference of eight degrees. In fact, the harmonica's bass Do is equal to the central Do of the piano. In other words, the harmonica's pitch is eight octaves higher than the piano (which is why some people think the harmonica's voice is too high)

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