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10 Hole Diatonic Harmonica
Jun 28, 2018

The mouth's preparation posture is very simple. Just like you usually whistling or drinking with a straw, the muscles of your tight lips are rounded. The size of the round hole should be approximately the size of a hole in the harmonica, as shown in the picture. Blow on the 1 hole with a folding method. The harmonica should be between your upper lip and lower lip. You can adjust the distance between the bottom of your nose and your upper lip. Also keep the lips in contact with the piano with a certain amount of humidity. If you have a buzzing sound, it must be blown to the 2 hole, telling you a solution: use your fingers to block the 2 holes, and then if the mouth touches the finger, you will feel very uncomfortable. You can adjust the mouth shape again. You can slowly remove your hand. Is it already a clean tone?

When you have practiced the technique of blowing on a hole, you can continue to practice the suction technique, because many people feel it is difficult to suck. If you are all particularly disdain, then practice from 2 to 9 holes, because 1 hole and 10 holes are simple, single hole is very important when playing every day to focus on practice!

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