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Diatonic Harmonica

  • Low F Wood Harmonica

    Low F Wood Harmonica

    KONGSHENG SUNRISE diatonic harmonica , which its comb is made of red sandalwood,It is true that you can see color fading when you clean it, we make the comb in machine center to guarantee the shape precision and structure stability.
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  • 10 Hole Diatonic Harmonica In D

    10 Hole Diatonic Harmonica In D

    KONGSHENG Benders 10 Hole Diatonic Harmonica,which good diatonic harmonica has a simple look design with stainless steel cover plate and ABS comb, there are white/black/green/orange/red comb for customers to choose, d diatonic harmonica plays easily and has a loud voice
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  • Diatonic Harmonica For Beginners

    Diatonic Harmonica For Beginners

    KONGSHENG KS-10BH TINGHARP 10 Hole Diatonic Harmonicas' price is reasonable in terms of its quality, it has beautiful cover with color of black/blue/gold, all patterns above it are laser printing, clean easily and feel smooth, its comb made by food-grade ABS material.
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  • Diatonic Harmonica In The Key Of C

    Diatonic Harmonica In The Key Of C

    How to play the 10 hole C harmonica
    1. Can be recognize the scale. "1 "is the duo, the 10 holes harmonica of each hole blowing and sucking are different sounds, from the beginning of 4, the blow is "Doo", sucking is "so"
    2. every sound is exact, just learning to...
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  • G Diatonic Harmonica

    G Diatonic Harmonica

    The diatonic harmonica is a kind of harmonica that is very popular in Europe and America. The most common type is the 10-hole harmonica, also known as the blues harmonica/blue harmonica.
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  • Solo-tuned Harmonica For Student

    Solo-tuned Harmonica For Student

    10-hole harmonica's basic grip method:
    This method on the left allows the right hand to move freely, making it easy to use Tremolo and Wa Wa sounds. Right image - this method is a mouthpiece that can be easily used as a harmonica. The deep harmonica can make the sound...
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  • Solo Tuned Harmonica

    Solo Tuned Harmonica

    Harmonica can be roughly divided into two categories: solo harmonica and ensemble harmonica. The former mainly include blues harmonica, chromatic harmonica and polyphonic harmonica (including accent, echo harmonica), etc.; the latter include bass harmonica, chord harmonica,...Read More
  • 10 Hole Chromatic Harmonica

    10 Hole Chromatic Harmonica

    The 10-hole harmonica has two reeds in each hole, two sounds: inhale is a sound, and blow is a sound. Through these holes we can blow out blues, rock and jazz style music.
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  • Blues Harp Harmonica

    Blues Harp Harmonica

    The blue harmonica is the 10-holes harmonica in the most classical scale arrangement. This arrangement is called the richeter system.
    The paddy harmonica refers to the paddy scale of the blue-tone harmonica. The scale was invented by the harmonica master brand power and...
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  • Professional Special Wood Harmonica

    Professional Special Wood Harmonica

    Professional special wood harmonica Description KONGSHENG SUNRISE diatonic harmonica is different from any another wood comb harmonica in the world, its comb is made of red sandalwood, It is true that you can see color fading when you clean it, we make the comb in machine...Read More
  • Tremolo Harmonica For Beginners

    Tremolo Harmonica For Beginners

    Tremolo harmonica for beginners Description KONGSHENG AMAZING 20 Diatonic Harmonica is a product with high cost performance. With our rich experience and reliable production process, we can control the cost and make the product achieve a high quality level and excellent...Read More
  • Blues Harps Solist

    Blues Harps Solist

    1. Diatonic harmonica key of low f Description KONGSHENG focus on design and manufacture best diatonic harmonica, the Solit Folk Harp is the newest achievement of KONGSHENG, it looks and feels metal texture because it is all made of metal, stainless steel cover, aluminum...Read More
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