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Chromatic Harmonica

  • Jazz Harmonica Chromatique

    Jazz Harmonica Chromatique

    Description KONGSHENG KS12-48C Chromatic Harmonica is a product for professional. The chromatic harmonica has three eight degrees of all chromatic, the adjustment is convenient, the sound is full and the timbre is changeable. Silver stainless steel plate cover looks elegant,...Read More
  • Best Chromatic Harmonica for Blues

    Best Chromatic Harmonica for Blues

    Description KONGSHENG KS12-48D Chromatic Harmonica is a product of nice looking and good function. The switch plate can turn C tone to C# tone or turn C# to C,it has wild range. The keys are sturdy and sensitive and the comb delicate. The chromatic harmonica has been...Read More
If you're interested in our custom chromatic harmonica, welcome to wholesale the quality chromatic harmonica at cheap price with our professional manufacturers and suppliers of reed instrument.